About B A Z I N G A

BAZINGA is a guild created by a group of people with the same mindset in terms of progression, raiding attitude and also achievement goals, both as a guild and as players of World of Warcraft.

The current core is made up of experienced players that have been playing the game since Classic WoW(Vanilla) all through out till now (Cataclysm).

We are a tight knit group that would love to make more friends in the gaming community as well as people whom share the same goals as us. 

Server : Frostmourne - US

Current Raid Days

Server time(AEDT-GMT+11):

Thursday - 10.50pm - 2.00am (6am - 9am PST)

Sunday - 10.50pm - 2.00am (6am - 9am PST)

Monday - 10.50pm - 2.00am (6am - 9am PST)

YouTube Channel:http://www.youtube.com//bazingaguildvids

WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/frostmourne/B+A+Z+I+N+G+A

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Dragon Soul : Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn 25M

by Tineagle, 1991 days ago


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Dragon Soul : Heroic Ultraxion 25M

by Tineagle, 1997 days ago

2 Shot was it?
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