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re: Application to join as DPS

Below are the information required when applying to our guild. Please click 'Apply to Guild' under the Membership panel on the left column or top panel of the website to apply.

Character: Archerofsin (previously known as Lossol)

Realm: Nagrand

Class: Paladin


Primary raid spec: Ret. Used to play Holy Mainspec during BC and Holy offspec in Ulduar.

Secondary raid spec: Holy or Prot

Fluent in English? (y/n) Y

Willing to re-spec for raid comp needs? (y/n) Y

Do you have the gold for the best enchants and consumables? (y/n) Y

Do you have the gear for your other spec(s)? (list with gear level)

Do you have alts that are raid viable? (list with gear level)
Still gearing up this toon. But main is my Paladin.
Also have an 85 ilvl 380 mage, a lvl 80 lock, a lvl 80 priest.

What have been your previous guild affiliations? Reason for leaving? Need to find a late night raiding guild with a suitable raiding time.

Can anyone within YOUR guild vouch for your application?
My guild leader, my pvp partners.

Can anyone within OUR guild vouch for your application?

What is your interest in joining our guild?
-> BAZINGA sounds like the kind of guild that goes for progression and that's what interests me. Am willing to transfer and faction change if my application is approved.

What do you expect to give and get out of the guild?
-> I expect myself to know the boss fights, come to raids prepared and repaired. I expect to have my own flasks, pots and food. I want to make new friends and find people who are friendly to one another and also willing to wipe just to progress in raids.

Can you handle constructive criticism and willing to learn from other experienced players in guild? Elaborate
-> Yes i can handle criticism because that's how one learns more about the game.

Please elaborate on all your previous achievements in boss kills from the start of your WoW experience until present.
-> Started off as Holy in BC with Ascendance of Frostmourne. Played Holy with Ascendance of Frostmourned in Gruul's Lair, Mag's Lair, and SSC. Played Holy in Naxx with Ascendance of Frostmourne. Quit after all the BC raiders left and didn't like the new management style.

Went on to join Hung Hing of Frostmourne as ret mainspec in Ulduar. Left because the guild was no longer interested in progressing and finally it disbanded.

Stopped raiding during TotC. But later went over to Ultimate of Frostmourne to raid ret as mainspec in TotC, Onyxia's Lair, Ruby Sanctum & ICC with them. Quit raiding after ICC.

Went on to pug Firelands, BoT & BWD. Stopped hardcore raiding for a period of time.

Transferred to Tribo of Nagrand and played ret mainspec because there was no more raiding spots in Ultimate. But their timing getting too early for me because of my work. Therefore, am currently searching for a late night raiding guild. Preferably one that start raiding at 0000 server time.

Contact information

*Please use the APPLY TO GUILD function on the left Membership panel or top panel of the webpage.
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re: Application to join as DPS

Bazinga has stopped raiding for the time being. Thank you for your application but you will have to look for another guild.

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